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Important Information

Important Information

Dog walking application form

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It is obviously hugely important that you trust the person that you have given a copy of your house keys to!

We would like to reassure you that your house key will be stored safely when the key is not required and during non-working hours. During times that the key is required, it will be on person.

We feel it is prudent to state that we will ensure that there is no way to identify which house the key is for should the unlikely situation arise that the key is misplaced or stolen.

Instead of putting your address on the tag, we will put your dog’s name instead.

To offer further reassurance, please be aware that our insurance policy covers us for keyholding duties and we have cover in place for up to £10,000 should locks need to be replaced or there be any repercussions from us holding your keys. (we can promise you that we are highly responsible and reliable though)

Courses & Training

We have undertaken the following courses to ensure we have the most up to date knowledge and training available...

Pet sitting & Dog walking course
Dog First Aid Certificate

Here we should probably also cover:

Nervous/reactive dogs

Your experience

Cancellation policy